Who are we?

Our group is made up of those wounded and affected by the events of March 3, 1976 in Vitoria-Gasteiz as well as family members of those who died as a result of the criminal actions of armed Spanish police who were evacuating a church in which striking workers was peacefully assembled.

What do we do and what are our goals?

We strive to achieve Justice, Truth and Recognition, since the events have never gone to trial and the official version is the one that prevails in the police reports, which are completely untruthful, manipulated and distorted with the sole purpose of protecting and sheltering the politicians who were responsible for the massacre, as well as its material perpetrators.

How was the Association founded?

As a result of the events, not a year has gone by without all the residents in the town of Vitoria and the Basque Country demanding justice, truth and the assumption of responsibilities. Spearheaded by class trade unions such as the LAB and ESK and pro-independence and Basque leftist parties, these claims have been and will continue to be put forward.
Our Association was born in 1999 because of the need to create an entity to establish and facilitate relationships with bodies and institutions. The progress achieved since then has not been easily accomplished, yet has been worthwhile and we are making great strides, even though our work is not complete.

How can you collaborate?

We are a not-for-profit organisation. Our most important projects are carried out thanks to the efforts of the members themselves and the disinterested collaboration of people, groups and subsidies granted to our work in support of human rights.
We would be grateful if you would send or inform us of any information related to documents, photos, audiovisual and graphic material or anything you may consider of interest to achieving the truth and a historical archive on the events of March 3 that is as extensive as possible.
Circulate this website and information on the March 3, 1976 attack on the working class in Vitoria-Gasteiz among your acquaintances and denounce those responsible among the police, politicians, businessmen……
Defend liberty and social justice wherever you are.

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